35mm Digital LED light DC12V/DC24V 35mm Digital LED light DC12V/DC24V 35mm Digital LED light DC12V/DC24V
35mm Digital LED light DC12V/DC24V
P/N                                       SJ-359-2903
Diameter/mm                       35mm
Hole/mm                              15mm/20mm/35mm
LED Type                             SMD 5050 RGB
LED/pcs                                9 leds/pcs
IC Type                                 UCS 2903
Luminous                             63 LM
Angle                                   160°
Voltage                                 DC12V/24V
Wattage/pcs                         1.44W/2.16W/pcs
IP Rate                                 IP67



1. 9LEDs with one IC inside (ucs1903/ws2811)
2. Colors and effects can be done optionally, such as running , chasing, jumping, scanning etc.
3. Combination: PVC shell (thermostability, cold-resistant, resistant to UV) , PCB board, connector cables.
4. Waterproof IP65/IP67, with silicon glue/ PU glue waterproof protection, non-waterproof or waterproof connectors.
5. Easy to install, better drill the hole 19-21mm.
6. With features of high brightness, low power dissipation, long lifespan, low Voltage, low decline, colorful.
7. Connectors: 3PIN JST female and male connectors, non-waterproof & waterproof for optional.
DAT, DC12V/24V+, GND


P/N Size/mm LED Type Pixel/PCS Luminous Angle Voltage Wattage/PCS IP Rate
SJ-359-12V/24V-P19MM 35mm ucs1903-smd5050 9 Pixel/PCS 63 180° DC12v/24v 2.16w IP20/65



Project case

-Led Amusement lamp is widely used in Ferris wheel, park, theme park, carnival, party,

-Super market, hotel, tavern, night club, disco hall, karaoke room, coffee house, bank,

-Meeting room, exhibition hall, exhibition wardrobe, show window, living house,

-Boat lighting, accent lighting, display case lighting, Under cabinet lighting and Art lighting.

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