Autumn outgoing 2017
In the year 2017 16th typhoon "Eva" approaching, all colleagues of sales and marketing to Kowloon hill adventure for a picnic,
we were tightly covered under is full of dark clouds of the sky, the car sped to the heights.This time together to see the
photoelectric lights at the heights of excited to start the cooperation in the past, the arrival of all kinds of insect fish,
birds and animals because we become warm rise, the land is like a warm blanket in the late summer early autumn season
is particularly dry, like they only by our sweat.Heights is very big, as if we had to the countryside, just six hours, male
colleagues catch fish and chicken, pick vegetables, fire female colleague fry cook, demonstrated a table of fresh delicious dishes on the table, looked at the beautiful, smelling the fragrance, eating do not want to shut up.
Meal we archery bow, rowing with OARS, play games, play with clay pottery, swing bed, mountain climbing fruit picking, singing together well,
the weather has been hot but is not very bask in the sun, the clouds have been very lucky the rain has not come down, "she" is also very
reasonable not to blow here, we play until 6 PM to say goodbye to the heights.All of them were very unwell.Hope that century photoelectric
can have more led lights to hang in this beautiful villa, let the Kowloon villa all miss us, remember century photoelectricity!