Hot spring and Drifting in Qingyuan
For enhance the cohesiveness, friendship and spirit of Shiji team, Shiji Lighting organizes team-building activity twice a year, in summer and autumn.
On this hot summer June 24 - 25, 2018, Shiji family had an 2 days exciting trip in Qingyuan, Guangdong province. Drifting on Gulongxia Mountain, enjoy fresh air, natural green, and fired crazy water battles with other drifting people on rubber dinghy, brings us cool and refreshing, happy and relaxing,these can not be more happier.
After drifting, we went back to Xinyinzhan hotel, it’s a 5 star resort hotel of natural hot spring. There are various hot spring pools, it’s a great place to get rid of a day’s fatigue. At first we soak the hot spring separately, until we found a slider on a big swimming pool we gathered together and had a exciting swimming race.
We took many photos to memorize those funny moments, it spend a lot of energy to play but we gained a lot. While the water battle began, we helped self-team, and took treasure photographs for each other. It’s great that everyone in Shiji had those common happy memories.
Shiji is not only a factory, more like a big family gathered us from all over China, we love Shiji and love each other.