Merry christmas 2017
On December 24, 2017,Shiji Lighting gathered at Hot Spring Resort, Nankunshan, Longmen, to celebrate Christmas Day.
We arrived at Nankunshan at three o‘clock in the afternoon and then we started to celebrate.

shijilighting‘s colleague light the christmas tree, such as led ball string light, led pixel light, and hang up shijilighting‘s gifts to shijilighitng‘s worker in it.  then hold a happy party !
some of colleagues enjoyed delicious food, fruits and the cheerful conversation, Some gathered to watch TV play card, or playing Ping-pong, sing in KTV. Everyone had their own hobby, their own joy each other. warmly like a family,In the evening, we enioyed sumptuous barbecue together, drawing shijilighting‘s development, planing our life ! dream our future !
Come on 2018 !