the Dragon Boat Festival
The origin of the Dragon Boat Festival:
Dragon Boat Festival is an important traditional festival of the Chinese nation. The Dragon Boat Festival was originally a summer festival to drive away the god of the plague and offer sacrifices to the dragon. It is also said to commemorate Wu Zixu, Cao E and Jie Zitui. Later on this day, the great patriotic poet Qu Yuan committed suicide by the river, so people regard the Dragon Boat Festival as a day to commemorate Qu Yuan.
The Dragon Boat Festival is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month every year, also known as the Dragon Boat Festival, noon day, May Day, five days, Moxa Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, double noon, noon, summer festival, was originally a summer to drive away the plague of the festival. The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival of Chinese Han people, this day the essential activities gradually evolved into eating zongzi, dragon boat racing, hanging calamus‘ wormwood grass, wormwood leaves, aromatherapy, angelica, drinking realgar wine.
Qu Yuan is one of the greatest romantic poets in China, as well as the earliest known famous poet in China and a world cultural celebrity. He created the "Chu Ci" style and the "vanilla beauty" tradition. His representative works include Li SAO and Nine Songs. In our history, the Dragon Boat Festival is in memory of Qu Yuan‘s saying has been more than 1500 years of history. According to legend, Qu Yuan threw himself into the Miluo River after the local people immediately rowing to rescue, has been to Dongting Lake, never see Qu Yuan‘s body. At that time, it was rainy, and the boats on the lake gathered together by the pavilion on the bank. When the people learned that it was to salvage the virtuous minister Doctor Qu, again out in the rain, competing to row into the vast Dongting Lake. In order to express their sorrow, people paddled on rivers, which gradually developed into dragon boat races. The people are afraid of the fish in the river to eat his body, have to go home to bring rice into the river, so as not to spoil the body of Qu Yuan fish and shrimp, later became the custom of eating zongzi.