Welcome my old friend Ali visiting!!!
A big project has been for a few months from August 2017, now it’s going to an end for bulk order. Ali is coming here to check everything before delivery.
Concerning this project, I met Ali three times to talk all details together, the first time is in HongKong, he didn’t get the visa to Mainland China, I had to go there in person.
The second time is in Germany, we went there for a Fair Named Viscom, and talked with Ali about the problem to the first sample. The third time is this time, we met in Shenzhen for the bulk’s inspection.
This is a customized product with complex design. In order to make the final order perfectly, we did samples in three times and spent 4 more months. It’s so great that finally Ali is satisfied very much! It’s really an exciting news for us. I said to Ali that I have being waiting for his word “perfect” for a long time, I would have a good sleeping in the rest days. It really spent a lot of our focus and energy. Anyway, we finished it perfectly. I felt very proud.

By the way, Ali is a very nice guy, he told me something important about how to be a
god saleswoman, I will keep it in my mind and do it in my future work. Trust is for mutual, and it is built up in bits and pieces, it will be spent for a long time, but once it is broken, only need one bad thing you do, and only 2 chances to recover it.
Finally, he purchased some other products as well, such as 16*16 led matrix, K-1000C sd card controller, SJ-10060-SK6812 led strips, and power supply...etc.
We are both looking forward to doing more business with each other in the future!!!