LED Pixel Light
D50mm RGB PixelPro LED Dome Module WS2801


Digital led module light


1.RGB PixelPro LED Dome Modules combine multiple LEDs with an intelligent WS2801 integrated circuit chip

to produce eye catching animated effects. With one IC chip per module, Each RGB dome can be individually 

controlled at the same time. 
2.Each RGB LED Module is individually addressable, so you can set the color of each dome connected in a 

string independent of one another. With 6 LEDs in each 50mm diffused dome, these intelligent modules are 

perfect for creating ambient lighting effects. Easy to install using built in screw holes located on four corners of base. 
3.The PixelPro Dome Modules are made in strings of 20, with connector plugs on the input and output of full strings. 

4.Module strings can be easily linked at the beginning and end using the built in connectors. Module strings can be 

easily linked at the beginning and end using the built in connectors. PixelPro modules are one directional, so be sure

pay attention to the orientation of the string. big-head plug is always the input to the string, small-head output.


PN VCC Power IC Size LED Qty IP Rate Shell‘s color
SJ-50ICRGB DC12V 1.44W  WS2801 59.7*59.7*48.3mm 6pcs 5050 IP20 Milky White only

Project case
back lights, cabinet lights, edge light, architectural lights for corridor, canopy, archway, lights for path
and contour marking; etc.They can be a good choice for lights for hotels, restaurants, night clubs, coffee / wine bars, shopping malls,
various shops, cinemas, beauty centers, office fronts, even lights for household kitchens or living rooms, etc.

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