SJ-1515-WS2801 SJ-1515-WS2801 SJ-1515-WS2801
■. It can be used for KTV decorative lights.

■. It can be used for home lighting decoration.

■. It  can be used to create LED advertising logo.

■. It can be used for stage lighting decoration.

■. It can be used for entertainment lighting 


15mm (Flat) Digital square RGB LED Pixels WS2801


1.15mm diameter (0.45") 23mm deep (0.9") from the top of the LED to the back of the rubber80mm / 3" apart between the each LED 50 pieces per string;

2.These pixels use a WS2801 chip for full 24 bit color;
3.5V power, 60mA maximum per pixel (LED on full white) 2-pin SPI-like protocol;

4.Brightness: Red = 3.3 Lumens/300 mcd, Green = 10 Lumens/1000 mcd, Blue = 2.7 Lumens/300 mcd

(mcd calculation based on full 120 degree beam).


P/N Diameter/mm LED Type Pixel/m Luminous Angle Voltage Wattage/PCS IP Rate
SJ-1515-WS2801 15mm WS2801-smd5050RGB 1 Pixel/m 7 180° DC5v 0.3W IP66


Project case

-Led Amusement lamp is widely used in Ferris wheel, park, theme park, carnival, party,

-Super market, hotel, tavern, night club, disco hall, karaoke room, coffee house, bank,

-Meeting room, exhibition hall, exhibition wardrobe, show window, living house,

-Boat lighting, accent lighting, display case lighting, Under cabinet lighting and Art lighting.

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