Aluminum housing addressable linear strip tube digital rgb dmx led rigid bar
1-Standard DMX512 Control LED line, powered by high bightness Epistar LED chip
2-The aluminum case very strong in 27mm width, 48mm high, in silver color
3-Every bar included 2pcs move-able aluminum Holder, but you have to prepare screw by self when installation
4-there are 2pcs waterproof connector output from back side of the case, make it possible to do no-slot joint
5-PCB width:20mm, in black color, it‘s cuttable every pixel 12.5cm length
6-This DMX bar not auto-addressable, you have to write the DMX address by the writer we provided
7-Protrol by standard DMX512 controller/Artnet
8-48 SMD5050 8pixels DMX bar lights with Madrix Software.

1) Each pixel can be controlled individually;
2) Can show any color;
3) Can be used as led display screen to show image and video.

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