Led pixel light, point light Application
ws2818 has SFTC function, any pixel broken will not affect data transfer, unless two conjective adjacent led are broken.
IC chip also can be UCS1903, WS2811,WS2801, IPD6803, SM16716
2)8cm wire length between each LED,wire size:20AWG,
3)It used a silicon case make waterproof by inject A/B Epoxy or silicone 
4)Easy to install, drill the hole about 12mm.
5)DC5V power requirement only(do not exceed 6VDC or short circuit) - no polarity protection,
6) 4 Pin JST SM connector (non-waterproof) soldered in each end of string,, also can be waterproof connector. 
7)Extra 2 wires for power supply to avoid voltage drop.
     4 wires ws2818: +5V DAT1  DAT2 GND.
    3 wire version: +5V DAT GND ( ucs1903, ws2811, etc.), 
    4 wire version : +5V DAT CLK GND (ws2801, IPD6803, P9813, SM16716, etc. )
8)Addressable lights, you can set to any color or animate, like running water, chasing, scanning, flashing, etc..
9)Controller system: SD card controller, DMX controller, Artnet.
1- Plug and Play, easy to install.
2- Low consumption, beautiful bright color.
3- Provide a infrared waterproof controller to shift the modes of lights.
4- Exquisite appearance, it looks like a series of crystals.
5- Soft and bright light creates a comfortable situation for wedding, party,Christmas, Valentine‘s Day, wedding, party, etc.
6- Neutral Box Packaging for led string lights.

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