30mm lens RGB pixel Christmas led string light

30mm lens RGB pixel programmable Christmas led string light

  • 1. Small size single pixel LED lamp, suitable for forming high pixeldensity LED pixellamp array, usually used in building media,large-scale urbanlandscape and urban lighting.
  • 2. Polymer silicone material as a whole sealing waterproof anti-staticprotection levels are up to lP67. PC case, high light transmittance.
  • 3. The maximum serial number of power supply 50 PCS (within 30meters). signal serial transmission distance of 100 metersMatching functions: EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) low-glow antijitter function:
  • 4. Gamma Correction!
  • 5. DC12V power supply, ensure feed, effective signal transmission,low line loss. 6. Constant current drive, built-in PWM grayscale control, grayscalelevel 256-65536
  • 1. Separate control :1PCS LED pixel light and 1IC (UCS2904)
  • 2. Waterproof :IP68, with silicone waterproof protection.
  • 3. Installation: Easy to install, the best drill holes about 30-31mm.
  • 4. Power supply: 12V DC power must be used to power the pixel. Do not use a power supply higher than 12V, otherwise the whole pixel will be damaged.
  • 5. Connectors :3PIN JST female male connector, also can be waterproof connector, DAT, DC12V+, GND-, each led pixel is separate, you can easily connect them one by one through the male female connector.
  • 6. It has the characteristics of high brightness, low power consumption, long life, low voltage, low attenuation and rich color.
  • 7. SMD5050 rgb led pixel module can achieve full color water, chasing, scanning and other effects.
  • 8. Different installation methods can constitute different dynamic effects of different color characteristics and designs.

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